AISHK Parent Association

Dear AISHK families,

On behalf of the AISHK Parent Association I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new families joining us this year along with our returning families. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Head of School Mr Mark Hemphill.

The role of the Parent Association is to promote and support the activities of AISHK and to encourage close co-operation between parents and members of the School. We are also active participants in assisting the School, in conjunction with its staff, to ensure AISHK is the best it can be through various fundraising activities. All funds raised by the Parent Association go directly to the enhancement of the learning and recreational environment of our school for the benefit of the students.

Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers… The Parent Association could not be as successful as it is without the help of all our wonderful community, and 2018 won’t be any different. There are many ways to contribute, from attending one of our general meetings, joining an event planning committees, to working the BBQ on the day of an event.

This year we will be running several sub-committees that will cover many of our PA Community Events, listed below. We will be calling for volunteers to be a part of committees - a fun way to get involved and get a greater feeling of being part of our wonderful community. The main fundraising event this year is our biennial School Fair on Saturday 10 November.

If you have any queries, suggestions or would like to learn more about being involved with the PA, please get in touch with me by emailing the Parent Association.

I look forward to a wonderful 2018 and working with this community throughout the year.

Veronica Monaci | President, AISHK Parent Association

2018 Parent Association Executive Committee


Veronica Monaci

Vice-President Secretary

Katrina Zervaas

Vice-President Community

Joanna Hartnett

Vice-President Communication

Katie Vajda

Vice-President Finance

Ged Camilleri

Vice-President New Parent Coordinator

Sue Sarelius

Key Dates

PA General Meetings (9F Administration Office)

Term 1
Monday 5 February, 1:30pm

Term 2
Monday 30 April, 1:30pm

Term 3
Monday 6 August, 1:30pm

Term 4
Monday 22 October, 1:30pm

AGM (9F Boardroom)

Tuesday 27 November, 6.30pm

PA Community Events

Welcome BBQ – Friday 26 January

Mother’s Day – Friday 11 May

Father’s Day – Friday 31 August

AISHK Fair – Saturday 10 November

Jingle & Mingle Carols Night – Monday 10 December

Welcome Coffees at the Café

(All welcome)

Term 2

Tuesday 17 April

Term 3

Monday 24 July

Term 4

Monday 9 October


Term 3

Wednesday 1 August

Wednesday 8 August

Wednesday 15 August

Wednesday 22 August