Capital Projects

The Green Roof | 2012

This multi-use facility, which includes two open-air ‘green’ work spaces that can accommodate two classes simultaneously and a beautiful Australian-themed garden featuring art installations and native flora, serves as a platform for teaching students about the environment as well as doubles as a space for recreational activities and outdoor functions.

Turning the under utilzed roof level of the school’s recently built 9th floor offices into a green roof was always going to be a passionate endeavour with many interested members of the AISHK community ready and willing to put forward their views. To garner the best of these and ensure the new facility would meet the needs of users, consultations were held over an 18-month period, so that students, parents, staff and other stakeholders could contribute ideas and opinions towards the design.

After an optimization phase during, which the design was finalized, and an effective fundraising campaign that raised over HK$1 million, including a grant from the Hong Kong Environmental Committee, work on the Roof began at the end of 2011. Construction is now underway. When completed, the new facility will truly be an oasis of green in the middle of Kowloon; a place for relaxation offering stunning views across the city to Lion Rock in addition to fulfilling its educational role.

Built at a cost of HK$2.5 million, the Green Roof is another successfully financed and managed project that underlines the school’s commitment to helping the environment through sustainable work practices.

We would like to thank the following donors who have kindly provided sponsorship and support for our Green Roof Project. 

Greenroof Fundraising Opportunities Donations from Sponsors  

Redevelopment of Science Labs | 2013

The much-publicised Science Laboratory renovations were completed in the early part of 2013 with purpose built rooms for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

We would like to thank two anonymous donors and the Parent Association who made contributions to the school to support these projects.


Re-flooring of 6/F Gymnasium | 2013

Our 6th floor gymnasium has been resurfaced with a brand new timber floor. The floor comes complete with line markings for a variety of sports played including Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and Netball.

1st floor Cafeteria Fitout | 2013

The Main Cafeteria and the Walkabout Café on the first floor were renovated in early 2013, with new counters and food display fridges included in these works. The Cafeteria’s newly designed servery allows for two checkout queues while a central chilled food counter and menu boards make choosing food faster and simpler.

The Walkabout Café’s re-designed counter provides more space for viewing and storage of food items.

Library Refurbishment | 2012

The Library is the epitcentre of information and reference for students of all ages at the school and is a venue also frequently visited by parents.

After a period of serviceable use after our last upgrade, the library began again to undergo ‘growing pains’ as a vigorous academic curriculum brought an increase in the number of students and general traffic to the facility. In 2011, Kevin Hannah, a library consultant from Australia, was brought in to provide strategies for a major upgrade to the library in order to make better use of the space and maximise productivity.

The resulting refit carried out at the end of 2011, included a reduction of overall stock to increase space, upgrades to shelving furniture and displays to improve ambience, solutions for computer access, a revamped colour scheme and overall visual ‘feel’ and new carpeting and blinds.

The new look library, incorporating the best in innovative thinking and library solutions, is now well placed to continue the valuable role it plays at the school for many years to come. 

We would like to thank the Parent Association who have kindly provided sponsorship and support for our library.

Wi-Fi and Laptop Programs | 2012

Today, technology has a strong impact on our day-to-day lives, especially the lives of our students, in new and ever-changing ways. At AISHK, technologies are increasingly embraced as useful tool to enable, enrich and transform learning opportunities.

Because of this, the school took a major step by introducing a laptop program to Upper Primary and Secondary students. In 2011, the program was introduced into the curriculum for Years 6, 7 and 9, with the remaining years joining the program in 2012. Parents of students in Years 3, 4 and 5 continued to purchase Classmate laptops for their children.

The laptop program is the latest deployment of new learning technologies at the school and the first since the introduction of interactive whiteboards in 2007 and our Online Learning Platform (OLP) in 2008. AISHK was excited to embark on this next stage in our ICT development journey, that would not have been possible without the continued support of our school community.

We would like to thank PCCW, the Parent Association and Hewlett Packard for the generous support of our wi-fi & laptop programme.

Kinox Food Technology Room | 2011
(Room 715)

Built with the support of cookware specialists, Kinox, our Food Technology Room boasts a range of the latest in kitchen and cooking facilities and appliances.

The former cooking classroom was originally built with Primary students in mind, so when large numbers of Secondary students started using the room, an upgrade was definitely needed.

As part of the refit, the room was completely stripped of its original fittings and finishes and stainless steel benches, easy-care drawers and cupboards and new gas ovens and induction from German Pool were installed. The use of stainless steel allows the area to be cleaned thoroughly and hygienically maintained.

The new facility has coincided with an increase in interest in food technology education from students in and outside the school due to a broader view of what constitutes a valuable education for today’s students.It is also used to provide instruction in wide range of other disciplines, from language instruction to Chemistry and Biology. 

We thank those who have kindly provided sponsorship and support for our Kinox Food Technology Room.

9th Floor Office Construction | 2010

The 9th floor adminstration office is a modern, spacious and brightly lit operations zone that houses a number of key adminstrative functions and departments including Accounts, Development and Community Relations, General Admissions and Purchasing. It also houses a generously appointed staff lounge and ancillary facilities.This new level was built in response to a need for additional operational space for our rapidly expanding school. Built on the roof of the existing 8th floor roof, the glazed and airy structure allowed a number of operational activities on lower floors to be relocated, freeing up space to expand other administrative functions and exisiting educational facilities.

An ideal respite for teaching staff from the hustle and bustle of their daily duties, the large staff room on this level is also the venue for staff functions and Alumni Reunion events.

Aquatic Centre | 2010

The Aquatic Centre, located on the 9th floor, is a state-of-the-art swimming complex that houses a multi-laned indoor pool and combined learning pool. The entire complex is heated and enjoys abundant light in winter and summer and offers nearly 360°views of the surrounding district through its full height glass walls. 

The original outdoor pool was enclosed as part of a HK$20 million renovation project that was completed in 2010. As well as the new roof and overall enclosure, the complex was fitted out with new finishes, lane markings and pool fittings including starting block and handrails and lighting and airconditioning systems.

Today, the Centre enjoys almost continuous use. As well as a venue for in-house swimming activities, it is a training centre for students swimming as an extra-curricular activity and as members of our out-of-school swimming club and a popular venue for third party users.

We would like to thank the following donors who have kindly provided sponsorship and support for our Aquatic Centre.

Download Aquatic Center Donor Wall 

Outdoor Field | 2009

The Outdoor Field is a unique feature among schools in Hong Kong since many local and international schools are restricted by cramped sites and other design issues which preclude the creation of an open air space where students can enjoy outdoor play and individual and team sports requiring a playing field.

Part of the original design when the school was built in 1995, the Field has since undergone a number of upgrades, the latest being in 2009 when a new all weather synthetic turf was laid. Two years later in 2011 the original asphalt perimeter was converted into a 4-lane synthetic rubber jogging track for training and running.

The combined cost of the two refurbishments was HK$1 million, half of which was provided through our anchor sponsor Leighton Australia.

While the school now has a comfortable all-weather outdoor sports facility that is also ideal for hosting non-sport and social events, further upgrades are planned to enhance the area. Future plans include tree re-planting, new planted areas and new benches.

We would like to thank the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (HKRFU) who kindly provided sponsorship and support the re-turfing of our Outdoor Field.