Catering Services

Onsite Outlets

AISHK, as an R-12 school, has a range of catering and food outlet facilities which cater for the different ages within our School. No food items prepared at the School contain MSG. Whilst we endeavour to ensure our menus are ‘nut free’, AISHK is ‘food allergy aware’ but not a nut free school, as this is impossible to guarantee, with traces of nut elements present in some foods.

The Cafeteria is available to P-12 students and serves three (3) meal choices per day. Parents are able to pre-order and select meals for Primary students whilst Secondary students can select and purchase choices themselves on the day. Menus are advertised on a tri-monthly basis designed mainly to include the GREEN and AMBER food groups. RED food group choices are limited.

The Walkabout Café which sells hot and cold beverages, coffees, wraps, sandwiches and other snacks is essentially only available for Secondary students, staff and parents. There are bakery items available at this outlet. These items will also have a more healthy aspect, where possible. Primary students may only purchase from this venue under adult supervision, after school.

The Tuck Shop sells a range of sandwiches, drinks and snack items, including some hot items. Choices from this venue will be from the GREEN or AMBER groups. This venue is not open to Early Childhood students at recess time. Early Childhood students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack from home, preferably a piece of fruit.

Eating and Ordering Lunches – Primary students

Primary students must eat their lunch either in the classroom with a supervising teacher or under supervision in the cafeteria if they have ordered a hot lunch. Children are dismissed and go down to the field to play after they have eaten their lunch. At this time children from Years 3-6 can access the Tuckshop for snack items.

If students have money from home to order lunch from the Tuckshop, this must be pre-ordered in the morning prior at school, at which time the catering staff issue students with a slip to verify their order. This slip is shown to the teacher so they are aware that students have ordered a Tuckshop lunch. These students then go down to the Tuckshop with this slip to collect their order and bring it back to the classroom to eat.

Students from Preparatory onwards have their lunch at the school. Hot and cold meals, sandwiches and rolls, as well as a range of salads and balanced snack foods, are available at the school cafeteria located on the 1st floor level. There are no facilities available for the reheating of food.

Three separate lunch periods have been established for Early Childhood, Upper Primary and Secondary respectively and we suggest parents make the necessary preparations for their child’s lunch depending on which lunch option they choose.

Students may bring a packed lunch from home – we recommend using a thermal lunchbox for frozen drinks to keep food cool during summer; buy or order food from the cafeteria – hot lunches can be pre-ordered at a discount, or buy food at the Tuck shop on the Ground Floor. The Tuck shop offers cold food items and snacks similar to those available in the cafeteria as well as hot food items like meat pies and sausage rolls. Carbonated drinks are not available over the counter.  

Tuck Shop & Lunch Menus

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