International Learning Centre

The AISHK International Learning Centre was established to provide additional educational and learning programs which fall outside the purview of the formal education received at the school.

The Centre’s programs focus on teaching new skills that improve students’ abilities academically, socially and physically, thus contributing to their overall personal development.  These programs are highly interactive, focused on active participation and delivered in a non-threatening, culturally inclusive, environment.

The Centre’s Key Aims are to:

  • Promote Australian and global best practices with regards to teaching and learning
  • Improve participants’ English communication skills given that English is the de-facto international language of business and therefore important to any students’ career aspirations
  • Develop strong and collaborative partnerships between the school and the wider community in Hong Kong
  • Develop greater student self-confidence, encourage positive attitudes towards education and promote the importance of personal development and life-long learning
  • Continually review and refine programs to ensure a high standard of programs is delivered to students which also cater to individual styles of learning
  • Ensure that learning occurs in a professional, safe, stimulating and fun environment
  • Provide continuous assessment of each student’s learning outcomes