Laptop Program

The AISHK School Laptop Program covers Year 4 through to Year 12. This program has now been in place since the pilot in 2009 and has had a positive impact on teaching and learning across campus.

The Laptop Program utilises two different types of laptops. The first is for students in Years 4-6 where they are used exclusively in a classroom environment meaning that laptops are not taken home nor roam around the campus unsupervised. Students use the laptops in their everyday learning using online learning resources, content creation and analysis across a variety of subject areas. The second is for students in Years 7-12 who take their laptops home each day, use them in many activities around the school and thus need to be highly mobile with a laptop that is portable, light weight, has a long battery life and yet be powerful enough for all learning activates and content creation.

As the laptop is required as part of the learning curriculum, it is therefore a mandatory requirement that students purchase the school appointed laptop package. This package comes with a laptop and is bundled with a wide range of software needed for learning, 3-year warranty and accidental damage protection as well as a comprehensive school IT support service.

The reason that the prescribed laptop package is mandatory for all students from Years 4 to 12 is so that:

  • Teachers can be assured that students will have all the necessary tools to complete the tasks that are required of them at all times.
  • Students can safely rely on these laptops backed up by the school IT Support Centre which provides complimentary servicing and assistance to students on the program.
  • The included three-year warranty and accidental damage protection ensures that the laptop remains fully servicable, regardless of incident, throughout the laptop lifecycle.
  • In the event of any incident where the laptop requires repair, students are provided with a complimentary loan laptop, enabling them to carry on with learning without any downtime.
  • Students can be assured they are on an equal standing with their peers and are not disadvantaged by having a laptop that does not meet school requirements.
  • Students are assured of meeting the data security requirements to safely connect to the school network resources enabling them to save their work, print and access internet and intranet resources.

If you have any queries regarding the Laptop Program, please contact by email: