Staff Profiles: Christina Carini 2014/04/30 Updated
Category: Secondary

Christina Carini is our newly appointed secondary Design and Technology teacher, who was welcomed to the school at the start of this Term. She was born in the USA to Sicilian parents but has lived in London for the last 12 years.

Classically trained in Photography and with a Masters in Design, she worked in London as a designer for a number of years before training as a teacher and moved to Hong Kong last summer with her husband.

Mrs Carini’s philosophy on teaching Design and Technology comes from her design background.  She says she aims to create a classroom environment that reflects the “real world” design process. She says she sees students as designers and therefore expects them to work like designers – collaborating with ideas, experimenting with designs, redesigning, developing and allowing their ideas to evolve. Her aim is that students ultimately produce work to a high professional standard which they are proud to show off to others.

“I love it when my students tell me that no one believes that they made their product because it’s too good!”

Christina was one of the first designers to begin using a laser cutter in her designs, which is now standard in the design industry.  She continues to embrace new technologies such as 3D printers and loves incorporating them into both teaching and her personal projects.

“I love teaching Design and Technology because it gives students the opportunity to think critically and creatively. I find it particularly rewarding when I am able to facilitate opportunities for students to transform their innovative ideas into reality,” said Christina.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys hikes with her dogs, DIY (especially home wares and accessories), interior design, and playing video games - Christina has owned every Nintendo console ever made.  She also loves keeping up with fashion, a self-proclaimed “stylish geek”, has run a successful jewellery design business in London and has twice had her London house featured in design magazines for its all-DIY interior design.  She says she loves incorporating DIY and fashion into her life, so she’s always wearing something that she made herself. She’s also somewhat of a self-proclaimed shoe enthusiast and would like to extend her DIY prowess into shoemaking.   

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