“Better than OK” with Dr Helen Street 2017/06/15 Updated

In line with Positive Education at AISHK, we welcome parents to an insightful forum "Better than OK: Helping Your Children to Flourish at School and Beyond" presented by Dr Helen Street. The event is to be held Tuesday 25 July at AISHK.

Better Than OK - Helping Your Children to Flourish at School and Beyond

As parents we all want our children to flourish, to be better than simply ‘OK’. We want them to experience lifelong wellbeing and to love learning for life. In short, we want young people to feel well and to do well at home, at school and in the future.

But, what does ‘doing and being well’ actually mean in 2017?

Moreover, how can we best support our children in achieving these lofty aims? 

If we explore the current literature on youth mental health and wellbeing it appears that, despite our best efforts, one in four adolescents are struggling. Never have schools and parents tried to do so much, but never has young people’s mental health ever been so poor.

It is time that we revisited our roles as educators and parents; increased our investment in what is working, and changed what is not. 

In this talk, internationally acclaimed education consultant Dr Helen Street will explore what it means to grow up successful and happy in 2017. In so doing, she will introduce ideas for developing a better more positive education at school; and for better nurturing and supporting children at home.

It is no longer acceptable to measure success on the basis of academic outcomes or financial achievements. Success is about our ability to connect and engage with our lives at every level. It is about our ability to love what we do, to love the people we are with, and to connect with our world.

In 2017, parents and educators need to be better equipped to help young people flourish at school and beyond.

Dr Helen Street is an author, presenter and educational consultant with a background in applied social psychology and mental health.  She is an honorary fellow at The University of Western Australia where she worked as an associate professor until 2011. She is also a research consultant with both The WA department of Health and Geelong Grammar School’s Institute of Positive Education. 

Her work exploring wellbeing, engagement and motivation in young people has been presented internationally to worldwide acclaim. Helen presents at schools, colleges and educational events; and writes regularly for Educational publications including Western Teacher magazine and The Positive Times (www.positivetimes.com.au). Helen also consults for the WA Association of Mental Health and has collaborated with beyondblue, MindMatters and KidsMatter National youth mental health initiatives.

Helen is one of the original creators of The Positive Schools Initiative (positiveschools.com.au and positiveschools.asia) in addition to being a regular host and presenter at the events. The incredible success of the events is a satisfying reflection of her passion to improve wellbeing in young people.

Helen has also worked in the popular Australian media and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. She was the show psychologist for The Circle from 2011 until the show finished in 2012 and appeared on The Today Show, Kerri-Anne and The Project. She has also been a regular guest for PowerFM as well as an expert guest on the ABC’s The World Today.

Helen has written numerous academic papers and contributed chapters to three recently released books on Social Emotional Learning. In addition, she has authored two books on wellbeing and stress management (Standing without Shoes and Life Overload) and co-edited ‘Better Than OK’ with Neil Porter.

Originally from the UK, Helen is now based in Perth with her partner and their three daughters. In her spare time she likes to paint, hangout with her family, eat good food and watch Masterchef.

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