Animal Rumble Grumble 2017/09/18 Updated

The animals of the plain are fearful of a strange and distant rumbling. “Something terrible is coming this way! It will destroy us and take over our plains”.  The animals quickly seek the advice of Ghubari, a wise old woman who lives under the umbrella thorn tree. But her wise and cryptic words confuse them. In turn, the animals find enough courage to go and confront the terrible danger that gets ever closer.

It’s time!  All our Early Childhood students are ready to perform.  We have been practising singing, dancing, drumming and acting as well as creating pieces of our costumes during Art class. All we need now is an audience.

Four performances will take place during the week beginning Tuesday 17 October in our school Auditorium.  The performances will be approximately 50 minutes in duration.

  • Tuesday 17 October evening performance beginning at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 18 October matinee performance beginning at 11:00am
  • Thursday 19 October evening performance beginning at 6:30pm
  • Friday 20 October evening performance beginning at 6:30pm


Thank you to those who have reserved your tickets. While there is no cost for tickets, we will be accepting donations on the night. Any extra money raised will be put back into purchasing equipment that supports further productions.

Let the show begin!

Simone Nielsen | Head of Early Childhood