2019 Wattle Mufti Day Recap 2019/05/24 Updated

The 2019 Wattle Mufti Day was a roaring success with $28,000 raised on the day. Students across primary and secondary dressed up to express their ‘wild side’ and celebrate the international day of biodiversity- which is of increasing importance given the present state of the natural world. During the day, students also purchased items from the bake sale and sausage sizzle, which helped to raise valuable funds for the OneSky charity organisation.

OneSky works diligently to improve the lives of young children who have a desperate need for care, attention and most importantly love. By providing love and nurture it is hoped that the children that OneSky support will grow up to be resilient, empathetic and caring adults. Further information about OneSky can be found here: https://onesky.org/nila-says/.