[Recap] Chinese Week 2019/06/06 Updated

Students share their favourite part of Chinese Week:

With a “clash” of the cymbals and a “boom” of the drums, Chinese Week 2019 had begun! Students, staff and parents enjoyed the start of this special week with a lively Lion Dance. Green and gold in colour, the lions leaped and danced to mark the start of this special week at AISHK.

On Tuesday, the excitement continued with a Lion Dance workshop. Students soon found out that, in Chinese (Mandarin), the cymbals used during the Lion Dance are called “bo” (钹) and the drums are called “gu” (鼓).

With plenty of opportunity to interact with the lions and instruments, the workshop also provided students with the meaning and symbolism behind aspects of the Lion Dance, including traditional phrases and greetings.

Wednesday saw a wide range of Chinese cultural activities take place all around school. From dumpling-making and calligraphy to parasol painting and dance classes, students from Reception to Secondary enjoyed many opportunities for cultural learning and to immerse themselves in creative activities in groups, teams and as individuals.

By the time Thursday arrived, students were ready to proudly wear their traditional Chinese clothing to school, making for a very colourful day around AISHK. Early Childhood students took to the stage for a Chinese Assembly in the morning, showcasing their Chinese speaking and singing skills. In the afternoon,  Year 3-6 students wowed the crowd with a multitude of performances for the Chinese Talent Show, including their very own Lion Dance, comedy skits and singing Chinese songs.

As you can see from our recap video, there are so many aspects of this week which students enjoyed!

Thank you to all who contributed their support during the week, especially the parents and families who attended our events and volunteered their help. We appreciate your part in creating a wonderful 2019 Chinese Week!