[Recap] AISMUN X 2019/06/13 Updated

Our annual AISMUN conference was held from the 31st May to 2nd June, with AISMUN X marking our tenth annual conference held at the school. Over 150 students from internationals schools around Hong Kong attended our conference, and including delegates and admins staff from AISHK, the conference involved well over 200 people total.

Our conference’s theme this year was “Ignorance is slavery, freedom is strength”, inspired by George Orwell’s quote in his novel 1984 – “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” In our conference, we reinforced Orwell’s central ideas and encouraged delegates to consider the role played by ignorance and freedom in influencing society.

Throughout the three days, students ranging from the ages of Year 7 to Year 12 debated a wide variety of global issues, ranging from “the question of corporate consolidation and monopolisation” to “rewriting the Treaty of Versailles”. These students, posing as “delegates” of member nations within the UN, displayed admirable knowledge and passion for these issues, and dedicated unsurmountable efforts into brainstorming solutions for problems that even career politicians would struggle with.

Of course, a conference of this scale could not have taken place without the work and dedication of many people involved with the organisation of this conference. On  behalf of the AISMUN X Secretariat, supervised by our Director Mr Henryk Flak and led by Secretaries General Lizzy Kwok, Ella Bindley and myself, would like to extend our gratitude towards our teams of admin staff, press corps, and our student delegates for their preparation and efforts put into making this such a successful conference!

On a personal note, it has a beyond fulfilling experience for me to witness the growth of the AISMUN conference through the 5 years of my involvement in MUN. With one last year of AISMUN left for me in 2020 before I graduate, I am more than excited to see how our next generation of leaders will expand AISMUN to levels higher than ever.

Once again, thank you to all those that attended AISMUN! And to those interested in joining MUN in the next semester or even next year, keep an eye out for the MUN ECA starting in Term 3. There are many more conferences to come later this year, both in Hong Kong and overseas!

Kylie Lau
Year 11W