[Recap] Celebrating our Year 12 Students 2019/09/20 Updated

This week we formally farewelled our Year 12 students by celebrating with our Valedictory Dinner on Monday night and at our very moving and emotional Valedictory Assembly yesterday. Both of these special events highlight the strong bonds and connections between the senior students, the teachers and the parents. For those families who choose for their children to complete their schooling at AISHK there is no doubt about their support for the school, and the unique experience it provides. The opportunity to develop strong, meaningful bonds and friendships with classmates and teachers is a key feature of an AISHK Secondary education. There are few schools where the sense of being known, appreciated and valued as an individual is as strong as at AISHK.

We wish our Year 12 graduates the very best of luck in their upcoming final exams next term. We hope that they leave AISHK with many fond memories of their time at our school, with many lifelong friends, a great appreciation of how incredibly lucky they are to have attended AISHK and to live in this amazing city, and that they feel confident and well prepared to enter the next very exciting phase of their lives. We thank them for the many contributions they have made to the School, and for being such an incredible group of senior students and school leaders. We also thank them for their loyalty, support and friendship over many years.

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