Our Alumni are special individuals within the AISHK community. Though they may have moved on from the school to the outside world, as graduates they remain important to us as the embodiment of the values we impart and the education that we deliver here at AISHK, and as present and future supporters of the school.

One of the ways that we remain connected to our graduates is through Walkabout, our newsletter for AISHK alumni issued several times a year and delivered electronically to members of the alumni community. Walkabout contains lead stories on alumni reunions, recent activities and achievements. It's also filled with news on upcoming events, notices of interest and a special section on what alumni are doing now. From time to time we'll also include focus pieces like recent graduates’ results and higher education choices, internships and much more, making Walkabout a must read for everyone in our alumni community.

To enjoy this publication, simply click on the link or the image to open up the file. Please note that Walkabout is optimised for viewing on Internet Explorer. It can also be downloaded and read using Adobe Reader.




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