[Event Recap] Secondary Athletics Carnival 2019/05/10 Updated

Rain greeted the PE staff on the 2nd May as they set up for the 2019 Secondary Inter House Athletics Carnival held at Kowloon Tsai Park. However, with this carnival being a major fixture in the schools year-long House competition, everyone had eyes cast skyward, wishing the rain clouds away.

As students made their way to the venue, the rain certainly did begin to clear. Students streamed in to the Athletics stadium in their House shirts with some added colour in the form of some fun fancy dress outfits – everything from a blue T-Rex to green tutus – and an eagerness to compete.

Field events ran throughout the day, with many students displaying the skills they had developed in PDHPE classes during term one. High jump was a particular draw-card for spectators with set impressive heights scaled throughout the day.

The track events kept chief starter, Mr Pilgrim, and his timers busy across the day culminating in the 100m sprints and relays. The feature event for the 100m sprint is the Year 12 dress-up race which again showcased some impressive House-coloured outfits.

The day was won by Eucalypt House under the leadership of Mr. Stoevelaar. Special thanks to the other House Patrons, Mr Campbell, Mr Skellern and Mr Bailey, who encouraged their students throughout the day. Thanks also to Mr Tait, Mr Boon and Mr Pilgrim for assisting in the planning and organisation of the day, as well as all the secondary staff who helped in the smooth running of the day.

Finally, congratulations to all students for their enthusiasm for the carnival. The following students produced fine results on the day in several events culminating in age-champion accolades.


12-13 years Girls 1st – Hope Spiller – WH


2nd – Aavni Ahulja – EU

Boys 1st – George McDowell – EU


2nd – Thomas Busby – JA

14 – 15 years Girls 1st – Lorraine Tang – WT


2nd – India Knowling – JA

Boys 1st – Oscar Chaplin – EU


2nd – Alex Prendergast – WT

16-18 years Girls 1st – Petah Mallios – JA


2nd -Pamela Murphy – EU

Boys 1st – Temana Short – WT


2nd – Max Walker – JA








Kath Ellis | Head of PDHPE R-12