Year 6 Beijing Shijia School Visit 2019/05/10 Updated

On Friday 3 May, 64 year 6 students and 8 teachers from Beijing Shijia primary school spent a lovely morning at our school. Beijing Shijia Primary school is a famous primary school in Beijing and has been our sister school for the past 20 years. In previous years, our Year 6 students visited their school every year during their Beijing trips and they had always welcomed us warmly. This is the first time they visited our school and we are very happy that they enjoyed their stay in our school.

They attended the assembly and were especially impressed by Year 5’s camp photos and videos. They spent the rest of the day with our Year 6 students and got a chance to experience our students’ school life. The students were given a tour around the school and shared various lessons with our Year 6 classes throughout the morning. We hope we can see them again in Beijing in October during Year 6’s Beijing trip!








Joy Chung | Head of Chinese Primary