AISHK takes the title of Primary Aquathon Champions for 2019! 2019/06/13 Updated

Video Recap

On Saturday 8th June a team of 14 students ventured to KGV for the annual Interschool Aquathon Championships. An aquathon consists of a 250m swim and a 1 kilometer run done in teams of 6 (3 boys and 3 girls) with individual times added together and the lowest time taking the title. This competition is hotly contested with teams putting in many hours of training and honing of race strategies.

Our AISHK team has been training every Friday since April 26th putting in one hour run sessions on the field followed by 1 hour pool sessions. They also took advantage of every public holiday and met at Kowloon Tsai Park for 2 hours of intense training leading them to become experts in transitions and working together as a team. This dedication produced some incredible results on Sat.

The  A Team was first up in Heat 2 with Bernice Siu leading the charge in the swim section. Albert Wang was close on her heals with Ava Smith not letting them get away. Ava proved she could run over the 1km cross country course finishing the heat in 1st place with Albert only 3 seconds behind her in 2nd place.  Ashley Ware our youngest team member produced a mighty swim with Will Holt and Tom Gibson fighting it out on the run course digging deep in the blisteringly hot 33 degree conditions.

The B Team had to wait till Heat 4 to prove themselves with Wilkson Lee confidently leading out the swim section. He was followed by Ryan Liu who has proved to be full of surprises matching him stroke for stroke and then charging into the run leg and finishing second overall. Thomas Ware inspired by the support around him produced an incredible run leg to finish first with Katie Williamson, Grace Arnold and Summer Hartnett all giving their all to finish well up in the field.

Our two reserves, Abby Robinson and Shannon Murphy were up in Heat 6 and had the full support of the previous teams behind them.  They both swam strongly and produced some great times over the run.

Now we had to wait as results were called for the 24 teams from the 10th placed team to the 1st. Our brilliant B Team placed in front of 9 schools A Teams in 7th spot and our red hot A Team won the meet overall.

10th- Quarry Bay 1 in 62.13
9th- Bradbury 1 in 61.26
8th- Discovery College 1 in 61.19
7th- AISHK 2 in 60.17
6th- Discovery Bay International 1 in 58.54
5th- German Swiss 2 in 58.47
4th- Kennedy 1 in 57.15
3rd- Chinese International School 1 in 57.14
2nd- German Swiss 1 in 55.31
and the fastest team of the morning
1st- AISHK 1 in 54.42

Congratulations to all those who raced on Saturday. It is an extremely tough race with nothing left in reserve at the finish line. You are all deserved champions.