[Head of Secondary] Term 3 Week 3 Update 2020/08/17 Updated

Thank you to parents and students for the successful parent/teacher meetings held across the past week. The conversations foster better understanding and valuable feedback for the staff in managing the teaching and wellbeing programs. There may have been missed slots or tech issues for some where we have subsequently covered the ground and if that is not the case, do let us know.

The reports coming at the of this semester, in December, will be in the normal format as per previous years and will contain a semester mark, semester grade and effort grade. The teachers will be collating data for reporting purposes and we will also be implementing necessary consideration for students who need ‘accommodations’ due to tech access, illnesses and misadventures.

Most Secondary students attended the assembly held on Wednesday where the lead message was from school captains Ella Bindley and Connor McGrath. They spoke personally of their practices for managing study and learning during COVID-19 and their thoughtful preparations for the completion of school and leaving home for university in 2021. I believe our younger students learnt a lot from their message, certainly I did.

We also have a Secondary assembly next Wednesday 12 August, 12 noon, and you are most welcome to join and watch via the student link which will be sent.

Our students are spending a great deal of time online, so we wish to provide Years 7-11 with some break days so that they can catch-up on tasks and assignments and have some screen down-time:

  • Friday 14 August – Day 10
  • Tuesday 25 August – Day 7
  • Thursday 10 September – Day 9
  • Wednesday 23 September – Day 8

Teachers will be available by email on these days, but they won’t initiate online viewing lessons for the Year 7-11 students. Students are most welcome to make esquires with their teachers.

Best wishes to all and your extended families for the weekend and week following.

Howard West | Head of Secondary