[Head of Secondary Message] Term 4 Week 2 Update 2020/10/05 Updated

Week 2, and it is great to have all our students back on campus. On Tuesday there was a joyful sense of adjustment to having friends around, including the large number of people at hand, compared to the home learning experience. The settling in will continue in the next days and we are determined to maximise the aspects of school that have been unavailable to students: library visits for book renewal, gym activities and sports, sharing the cafeteria and playground space with others, managing one’s locker and moving from class to class, laboratories and practical classes and design and art projects to make and create in the workshops. What a great additional range of activities to compliment the online learning already experienced.

Notably we talked in assembly today about the gains we have made during the home-based learning. It is important to look at these past weeks from a growth mindset point of view and celebrate what has been achieved, and for the students it is varied and substantial. The opportunity now is to compliment what has been done with a strength-based approach to the practical, physical and social opportunities over the next ten weeks.

Significantly for this week also, we celebrate the conclusion of classes for Year 12 students as they begin their eleven days of study vacation (STUVAC) in preparation for their final examinations. They have emerged from the practice of the trial examinations with good review strategies and a buoyant vigour to approach their finals.

In assembly we interviewed some Year 12 about their chosen ‘aspiration’ costume, worn today and, what area of growth they noted during the at home learning period, as well as some advice ‘tips’ for students in Years 7 to 11. Ethan Briscoe, Rohana Utamchandani and Clayton Wu shared some fun regarding their choice of costume, as well as provided some mindful advice about growth and self-management when working towards one’s goals.

We wish Year 12 well over the next few weeks, and then we will formally celebrate their graduation from school during the Valedictory event after the examinations.

With the next four days as scheduled holidays, I wish all a happy family time as celebrating the mid-Autumn festival I believe, is one of the prettiest and most relaxed of festivals on the Hong Kong calendar. Enjoy your time together.

Howard West | Head of Secondary