Term 3 Peer Support - Session 4 Update 2020/10/05 Updated

Discussion about ‘Optimism’ continued on with our final Peer Support Session this week. Students again shared stories, led activities and danced! Most importantly, our students from Prep to Year 6 were able to spend a session together to talk about their strengths. 

The focus for this week was ‘Developing My Strengths’ and students were given the opportunity to further explore their own. The Peer Support Program is an integral part of our Wellbeing Program at AISHK and although it was a little shorter this year, it was certainly a very special part of our week in the Primary Division.

Year 6 students trained  hard to be both prepared and confident to lead these 30-minute sessions with approximately 13 students in a Zoom. It has to be said that they have done a wonderful job!

As the session closed yesterday, smiles were had,  thank you’s were exchanged and promises to always say “hi” whenever their paths crossed back on campus were made.

A few reflective thoughts from some of our Peer Support Leaders:

"The first session was a mix of excitement and nerves because being in a Zoom call with a lot of people you don’t know is very scary. Thankfully I had my co-leader to help me. My group bonded more and more as the sessions went on and we all had a great time. Sadly, we had to end it all, but it was a great experience." Emily, 6L

"I really enjoyed meeting students in the other year levels and I was very interested in what they had to say about different topics." Eleni, 6S

"Peer Support was such fun and it is a shame it is now done. Hope to see the kids again when we return to campus." Summer, 6S

"Peer Support this year has been one of my favourite moments I have experienced in my time at AISHK. Having my kind and extremely helpful peers guide me through each session has been honouring. Working alongside my partner, we both got to know and greet my group every Thursday which has been extremely exciting. I am so grateful that I got to experience this with everyone and despite the challenges of Zoom, I persevered through it all." Oscar, 6L

"This week I really loved doing the meatball run and also seeing our Peer Support group get up and dodge the meatballs and have fun together. That was the best part!" Samantha, 6A

"At the beginning it was quite hard to get the younger kids to talk but towards the end we bonded and made friendships." Isabella, 6S

"Peer Support was a great experience and it was really fun working with younger kids and getting to know new people from younger years." Kayla, 6A

"Most kids had a chance at speaking and seemed to enjoy it. A lot of us shared some jokes and talked before the end of the session. I’m going to miss Peer Support!" Melina, 6A

"Peer Support was an amazing experience, being able to lead with others and having everyone together as we do fun activities is exactly what I imagined Peer Support to be." Marcus, 6A

"Peer support was an extremely beneficial experience for my confidence as I got through the four weeks." Valeria, 6A