Our Vision


The Australian International School Hong Kong AISHK is acknowledged world-wide as an outstanding and innovative international school, based on Australian curriculum and values. Inspirational staff create a learning environment that actively promotes a global perspective and a sense of individual and collective responsibility. The School strives to improve and develop, to lead and innovate, and to inspire young people to grow and flourish.

Vision 2016-2025


During 2016, the School Executive and Board of Governors will facilitate the creation of the next 10 year Vision Plan, enabled by successive 3 year Strategic and Master Plans and an annual Operational Action Plan.


Our school wide focus will continue to be on high student achievement, seeking and implementing suitable strategies which secure educational provision for every child. In doing so, we will strengthen reflective practices, structured feedback, peer mentoring and coaching. 

Attracting and Retaining Quality Teachers

In keeping with the School’s policy that every teacher teaches solely in their area of expertise, the School will work to enhance Professional Learning and create opportunities for existing staff to strengthen their classroom practice, challenge their thinking and enable optimum teaching and learning conditions. AISHK will explore partnerships with tertiary institutions to fast track quality Masters of Education graduates to consider a career at AISHK. The School will benchmark salaries and conditions with like schools to ensure that our teachers are well rewarded for their professionalism and expertise, aligned with providing them with a quality environment in which to work.

Grounds, Buildings, Facilities and Resources

Noting that the School is in high demand, AISHK will enhance its current Norfolk Rd campus, renewing facilities and enabling a refined use of existing spaces. It will engage a Master Planning Architect in 2016 with a view to optimise the use and access to current facilities, and to consider expansion and improvement opportunities. In the medium term, a Business Plan will be developed with a view to establish a second campus in Hong Kong. This Business Plan will then drive further master planning, fundraising and resourcing.


AISHK will strengthen its Student Wellbeing programme by embedding the Positive Education philosophy school-wide, facilitating Professional Learning for staff to explicitly teach students how to develop their character strengths, enable zest, encourage tenacity and nurture positive and growth mind-sets. By focusing on students’ wellbeing, sense of self awareness and engagement with their community, AISHK will help each boy and girl develop their identity and self-esteem. By enabling positive emotions, students will develop a greater understanding and identification of their personal strengths and passions, leading to enhanced engagement and thus ultimately heightened academic and holistic achievement.


As an eminent educational body, AISHK resolves to continue its role as a leader in educational thought, delivery and practice. It will further enable this by strengthening policies and protocols which attract, develop and retain quality teachers. The School will instigate and deliver quality professional learning to its own and the broader education community, and provide considered opinion and advice relating to local, Australian and global matters pertaining to education and the development and well-being of young people.

AISHK will strengthen its student-centred leadership opportunities, enabling a broader and graduated leadership programme centred on building students’ confidence, poise and purpose, augmented by service to the local and global community. The School’s focus will be to further enhance leadership qualities through local and international experiential programmes, providing diverse opportunities for boys and girls to lead by exemplary attitude, astute manner and strident action. Students will develop new skills and deepen their cross-cultural understanding, whilst leading and encouraging their peers and their communities to do likewise.

Ways to Give

There are many ways parents and friends in the community can support the school:

  • through volunteering for the Parent Association or at school activities
  • by assisting with classes or class room activities
  • by giving to fundraising campaigns
  • by spreading positive messages about AISHK to others

Donations are gratefully received and can be treated anonymously or can be recognised as gifts to various capital projects or student initiatives taking place at the school. All donations are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

For further information please contact:

Ms Brigitte McNamara
Director of Development and Community Relations

Direct: +852 2194 3816
Fax: +852 2304 6077
Email: brigitte_mcnamara@aishk.edu.hk