Parent Pack

Welcome to the AISHK Parent Pack.

Here you will find important and useful information and guidelines related to our school operations, rules and policies. For a thorough overview of AISHK and guidelines on everything from admissions to uniforms to catering, please refer to the School e-Handbook. This page also includes consent forms which you will need to complete, sign and return to us.

Please take the time to go through these items carefully, making note of information that is particularly relevant to you and your child.

We thank you for your interest in AISHK. To new AISHK families, we warmly welcome you to our community. We're sure you'll enjoy your time with us!

Important Documents for Parents

Quick Start Guide

e-Parent Handbook

e-School Directory

2019 Class Allocation Guide

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) General Conditions

Uniform Requirements

Typhoon Emergency Information and Student Release Procedures

Reception Commencement 2019

Preparatory Orientation 2019

Secondary Division Commencement 2019



Instrumental Programme Application Form

Brief Local Excursions Letter and Reply Slip

Typhoon Emergency Information and Student Release Form

Student Absence From School