The Performing Arts at AISHK

Anyone who has ever been to one of the school’s performing arts productions, Hello Dolly (2010), A Night at the Movies (2011), A Government Inspector (2011), Peter and The Wolf (2012), a Showcase, a Music or Drama Night or a Recital, will have no doubt enjoyed the array of talents on display by AISHK students.

Whether playing a musical instrument, providing soaring vocals, or giving life to a character through theatre, our performers do so with skill, poise and confidence, sometimes far beyond their years.

At AISHK, these skills have their beginnings in our Primary and junior Secondary years through the compulsory study of music from Preparatory through to Year 8. As students move through these year levels they also have the opportunity to explore various forms of artistic expression, including singing in a choir, learning a musical instrument or undertaking drama and dance through an extra-curricular activity. From Year 9 onwards students are able to study music and drama as an elective subject. They have the option of then taking these subjects into their senior years of schooling.

At AISHK the Performing Arts program includes the Orchestra, Senior and Junior Rock Bands, the Primary Choir, and the Secondary Vocal Ensemble. Dance and drama are offered through the extra-curricular program, and on a seasonal basis, special drama troupes are formed to stage theatrical productions.

As well as benefits gained through artistic exploration and expression, students develop important life skills such as problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students also improve their ability to concentrate, develop self-discipline and learn teamwork. In this way, their involvement in the Performing Arts can enhance learning in all areas of their life both in and out of school.

We welcome student involvement in the Performing Arts, not only for the skills that it imparts but also the myriad of benefits it brings to them as independent, creative individuals - benefits that they can reap throughout their lives.