A Message from the Primary Division

Welcome to the Primary Division.

AISHK Primary division is a vibrant, exciting, caring community where students learn, laugh, play and explore the world around them. It is a welcoming environment where friendships can flourish and personalities develop

Staff work and plan together in collaborative teams to develop and provide meaningful and engaging learning opportunities. These experiences assist our students search for understanding, acquire essential knowledge and skills, and develop positive values and attitudes. Our teaching and learning methods are inquiry- based and trans-disciplinary.

Within a warm and supportive community, students are encouraged to achieve their “personal best” whether in sport, music or the classroom. As an international school, a global perspective assists students in understanding their place in the world. Student Wellbeing and academic programs are closely linked, with staff working to develop in each student a feeling of self-worth and resilience, so that they may achieve their individual potential.

The primary years are a critical stage in the overall education process, providing the basis for all future learning. At AISHK, this is clearly recognised and we aim to assist each child to become a confident, capable and articulate learner.

Active classroom environments encourage students to develop independence and ownership of their own learning. Classrooms are organised so that students experience a learning environment which is dynamic and purposeful, where students have frequent opportunities to investigate, communicate and explore.


The Primary curriculum has been designed to provide outstanding educational opportunities that will help every student reach their potential. We recognise that the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental to the development of life-long learners. These foundations are developed in an environment that provides for flexibility in grouping, integrated subject areas and ‘hands on’ learning experiences.

From Reception to Year 6, there is continuity and progression of skills and concepts with clear lines of development, but the overriding emphasis is on making learning enjoyable so that we engender in all of our students, enthusiasm for learning and a pursuit of personal best.

Our strong academic curriculum is based on the Australian National Curriculum and has been adapted to suit our international setting. It is Inquiry based and provides learning in the areas of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chinese
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Specialist teachers take classes for Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Library and Chinese. The School also has an established program of support for children who have been identified as having extra needs.

Student Well-being

Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK) is committed to providing a safe, respectful and consistent environment for students and staff, so that all members of the school community can flourish and advance the social, emotional and academic capabilities needed to succeed at school and at home. Student Wellbeing at AISHK focuses on developing support structures and guidelines that align and help reinforce the mission, values and principles of the school.

AISHK has developed a positive holistic approach to student welfare and seeks to explicitly teach and acknowledge our values through a number of ways, including:

  • explicit wellbeing class lessons
  • shared activities
  • peer support programs
  • buddy programs
  • counselling
  • cybersafety awareness
  • assertive and resilience behaviour programs
  • welcoming and orientating new students
  • social skills development

We believe that our student wellbeing platform encourages and supports our students and staff to flourish in and out of the classroom. We see Flourishing as feeling good and doing good. Feeling good represents the value of a life high on positive emotions and engaging experiences whereas doing good represents functioning effectively, being connected, overcoming challenges and contributing meaningfully to others.

We continue to develop and review this aspect of school through professional development of staff and coordinated committees and structures to support all classrooms.

Brendan Kean

Head of Primary

Cameron Reed

Dean of Studies, Primary

The Early Childhood Years (Reception to Year 2) Middle and Primary (Years 3 to 6)