School Psychologists

At AISHK we have two school psychologists available to support students. Their work involves a mix of individual counselling and support for students; individual assessment work; advice to teachers and parents about managing social and emotional issues; some small group work and occasional classroom presentations, particularly on topics within the Pastoral Care Program.

Individual counselling sessions for students may include some or all of the following services:

  • A counsellor will listen to a student. This can help him or her to express worries and concerns and get their feelings out.
  • A counsellor may have some new words and ideas for feelings and situations that seem difficult and sometimes overwhelming.
  • A counsellor can provide information on variety of subject matters that are important to the child or young person.
  • A counsellor can help a child or young person know his or her rights and those of friends, parents and teachers.
  • Talking and sorting things out with a counsellor can help put issues in perspective and help a student work out a plan for what to do next about an issue.
  • A counsellor can support and encourage a student to communicate with family and friends about important issues in their lives.

School counsellors will explain to students when they first meet that counselling is confidential unless there is a safety issue involved. They also encourage students to talk with their parents about counselling sessions and involve them in future planning and problem solving.

For Secondary students there is also a range of resources relevant to their age group on mental health issues available through the “Help Me Stuff” link on their student OLP page.

If students are worried about school or home issues, they can contact the School Counsellors directly through the following email links. Alternatively, students can arrange an appointment to visit one of the counsellors. Teachers will also introduce students to our Counsellors to encourage them to establish contact and seek support if there is a need.

Help Resources

Year 3-4 Year 5-6 Year 7-8 Year 9-10 Year 11-12

Parents are encouraged to contact a counsellor to discuss any concerns related to their child’s emotional wellbeing whether these are school or family related.