At the Australian International School Hong Kong we recognise digital technologies are essential tools for supporting 21st Century teaching and learning.  We embrace technologies as part of our learning culture and value the importance of our students being good digital citizens and promoting lifelong learning.

Technology is used in the classroom from Early Childhood to Secondary.  The digital learning journey begins in Early Childhood, where the school provides Apple iPads and Chromebooks in the classrooms.  Our teachers are innovative, utilising creative tools to encourage inquisitive learning, making it fun and interesting for young children.

We introduce a school designated 1 to 1 laptop program beginning from Middle and Upper Primary to Secondary school students.  Year 12 students have the freedom to bring their own devices to match their learning needs and habits as necessary.  For detail on our laptop program, please navigate to the Laptop Program Page.

To support students in their use of technology, the school has a dedicated IT kiosk for laptop service located next to the library.  Our digital media provides Australian rich content to ensure our students are in touch with and understand Australian culture.

Complementing our School’s mission and values, we have developed a multi-year technology plan to support learning. Below are our mission and vision statements that define our technology plan.

Our technology plan mission statement:

Technology is integrated into the fabric of 21st Century learning.  Our Technology Plan Mission is to provide world-class technologies to support teaching and learning, giving our students the necessary skills to share and collaborate on creative ideas, be inquisitive, become a lifelong learner, a leader and a responsible global digital citizen.

Our technology plan vision statement:

In our pursuit of supporting digital technologies in teaching and learning, we leverage on current and future technologies in pedagogy and create a sustainable learning environment to foster 21st Century Learning Skills.

Based on this vision, we are committed to invest in technology and reinvest as deemed necessary to provide a sustainable environment to support the 21st Century learning model.