Tuition Fees 2020

Year Level

Inclusive Fee Per Annum

Fee Per Term (4 / Year)

Fee Per Instalment (10 / Year)




(x 10 monthly payments)




(x 10 monthly payments)

(YEARS 7-10)



(x 10 monthly payments)

YEAR 11 & 12



(x 10 monthly payments)

YEAR 11 & 12



(x 10 monthly payments)

Tuition fees include all text books, work books, local excursions, special art materials, literary magazines and a Yearbook.

  1. Tuition fees are based on a per annum charge and, unless other arrangements have been made, the preferred means of payment is by ten (10) equal monthly payments via Autopay (February to November inclusive). Please complete an Autopay form available from the Admissions Office and return it six weeks before commencement. (It will usually take six (6) weeks to set up). No receipts will be issued for Autopay payments.
  2. A 10% discount will be applied to the third and subsequent child/ren in a family enrolled at AISHK. (The discount will be applied to the youngest child/ren in the family).
  3. No reduction in tuition fees will be made for any absences.
  4. If fee payments are overdue, a student may be excluded from school. Once excluded, students will not be re-admitted until all arrears are cleared.

Payment details

Bank Transfer

Cheques should be made payable to “The Australian International School Foundation Limited”.  Payment may be made by cash, HKD cheque, direct deposit or internet/telegraphic transfer to the school’s bank account. Credit card payments are not available.

(NB: If paying by telegraphic/internet transfer to our bank account please make sure that our bank account will be credited with the full fee including Hong Kong bank charges, usually HK$240. Please provide a faxed or scanned copy of the bank deposit confirmation once you have made the payment.)

Account Name: 


The Australian International School Foundation Limited


Account Number:


Bank Name: 

The Bank of East Asia Limited

Bank Address:

10 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Swift Code: 


Please email a scanned copy of your transaction for confirmation.

Capital Levy

The payment of the Capital Levy is mandatory if a debenture is not held for the student. The levy amount is reviewed each year and in 2020 will be HK$21,840 per student per annum. The capital levy is payable annually.

Cheques should be made payable to “Australian International School Foundation Limited”.  Payment may be made by cash, HKD cheque, direct deposit or internet/telegraphic transfer to the school’s bank account. Credit card payments are not available.

Depreciating Debentures (Depreciable Annually)

The current value of the depreciating debenture in 2020 is $120,000 per student. A depreciating debenture must be purchased, in addition to the annual tuition fee. A Depreciating debenture is depreciated by 12.5% of the Initial Principal Sum at the beginning of each school year (1 January) for eight years. Once a debenture has depreciated in full over eight years, a new debenture must be purchased per student. If a student starts during a school year, depreciation on a pro-rata basis will be charged for the first year only. The full depreciating rate per annum will apply thereafter. Debentures depreciate on an annual basis. They may depreciate to zero or be partially refunded when your child leaves the School before the debenture is fully depreciated. Under certain circumstances an arrangement may be made to purchase a debenture by four (4) monthly instalments. Please contact our Business Administrator if you wish to discuss this option.

Gold Debentures (Non-Refundable)

A limited number of Gold Debentures (current value HK$3,000,000) are offered. The Gold Debenture is non-refundable and non-transferable. If desired, there will be an acknowledgment of the gift on a professionally designed, permanent and fixed display in the lobby of the school and in the Foundations’ publications. The nominated child must meet the usual AISHK entry requirements. For more information on this debenture, please contact the Admissions Office.

Reservation Deposit

A reservation deposit of HK$10,000 is required at the time of acceptance of an enrolment. This deposit is credited to the annual tuition fee, when the student commences at the school. Where a debenture is available for a new enrolment, the lodgement of a debenture or the payment of the capital levy will be additional to the requirement to pay the reservation fee.  Enrolment becomes final only after the school has received the reservation deposit and the debenture/capital levy payment.

Reservation deposits for new students are only refunded if the school receives written notification (email or fax is acceptable) of a student’s cancellation, or change of requested start date, within seven (7) days after the payment is received. This deadline is strictly adhered to.

Student Withdrawal

Year 12 Students

As it is the Year 12 students’ final year at the school there is no need to provide the Admissions Office with written notification as is normally the case with students leaving from other year levels.

A letter together with a Departing Student Checklist Form will be sent to the parents to advise the withdrawal procedures required. For parents who have purchased debentures, they will be given an option to donate either a portion of their debenture or the entire amount to the school.  Please refer to Appendix K - Letter to the Year 12 parents for sample.

Non Year 12 Students

To withdraw a student, notice in writing must be addressed to the Head of School and submitted to the Admissions Office not less than one term or three months before the student leaves.  For students who will not return to AISHK after the Christmas holidays, official notice should be given no later than the last day of Term 3. The Australian International School Foundation Limited will charge tuition fees if the above period of notice is not adhered to, counting from the day of receipt of the official written notice of withdrawal. The fee penalty will be based on one term’s fees. Where a student withdraws during a school year the full year’s capital levy will be payable. In the case of outstanding school fees and other unpaid invoices, the school reserves the right to withhold the school report of the student(s) concerned. 

To remind families whose child/ren will not be returning for the new academic year, the school’s withdrawal policy will be published in the weekly Dhanara for at least three consecutive weeks before the end of Term 3.

The student withdrawal policy is strictly adhered to. In the event when waive of fees-in-lieu is requested, the Admissions staff will contact the Business Administrator for approval.