Welcome Message

Welcome to Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK), a co-educational R-12 day school located in Kowloon Tong. Australian International School Hong Kong is a progressive and high performing school, and a source of pride for the Australian community in showcasing the best of Australian education.

AISHK is dedicated to providing a superior education, enabling each student to optimise their academic, cultural, physical and social development. Student wellbeing is a focus for the school as we progress the implementation of our Positive Education programme schoolwide. The Positive Education programme complements the school’s rigorous academic focus and enables students to develop personality and character, celebrate excellence, develop confidence, and maintain genuine and meaningful friendships.

The AISHK community works with energy, foresight and drive to create a school experience which is recognised for its welcoming warmth, energy and excellence. Throughout its history, the fostering of positive community spirit and the strengthening of partnerships with parents and the wider community have been central to the life of this school.

Operating on an Australian school year (late January to mid-December), AISHK facilitates a seamless transition for those students entering from Australian or southern hemisphere schools and eventually departing to tertiary institutions worldwide. We also provide IB and HSC graduates to universities around the globe.

Enrolment stands at 1,100 students from Reception to Year 12. With 20 nationalities represented in its student body, AISHK is a true reflection of multicultural Australia and Australia’s attractiveness as a place of permanent residence – over 80% of our student body claim Australian or NZ citizenship.

We trust you will find your search of our website engaging and exciting, just as the educational journey is for our students. We warmly welcome your enquiry and hope to be entrusted with the care of your daughters and sons in the near future.

Howard West | Head of Secondary

David Shirley | Head of Primary