Student Withdrawal

To withdraw a student, this form must be filled in and submitted to the Admissions Office not less than one full term, or three months before the student leaves.

The Australian International School Foundation Limited will charge tuition fees if the above period of notice is not adhered to, counting from the day of receipt of the official written notice of withdrawal. The fee penalty will be based on one term’s fees. In the case of outstanding school fees and other unpaid invoices, the school reserves the right to withhold the school report of the student(s) concerned.

Departure Information

Reason for Leaving

Future Schooling

Future Correspondence

Students’ contact information may be used for future alumni correspondence

Outstanding Documentation

e.g. school reports, school photograph order, NSW schools competition results, etc. Note: if you want documents to be forwarded, postage must be paid at the office before you leave the school.


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