Role & Responsibilities Guide for Class & Year Level Representatives

Why Become a Class/Year Level Representative?

AISHK has always enjoyed and been known for its warm community spirit and has been fortunate to have a supportive and dedicated parent body. The Parent Association have a long tradition of inviting parents to become a volunteer representative for each year group. Parents generally find being a Class/Year Level Representative is a rewarding way to become involved in the school community and to get to know other AISHK parents and families, and members of the wider AISHK network.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

There is generally one Class Representative per homeroom in Primary and one Representative per Year Level in Secondary who all play an integral role through the Parent Association by forming and strengthening parent connections. The main purpose of this role is to provide a link or contact point for parents within class groups and year levels. The role is especially important in helping to welcome new families to our school. Class and Year Level Representatives will:

  • Promote PA events and activities, encouraging participation from parents and families, particularly those newer to the community to make them feel welcome.
  • Answer parent queries where appropriate, or to direct queries to the Parent Association or relevant school contact.
  • Assist new and existing parents with welcome events, activities and connections where appropriate and with consideration of cooperation with the PA VP New Parent Coordinator’s activities
  • Build a relationship with teachers and organise assistance with class functions, activities or excursions, if requested or required.
  • Contribute and invest time towards coordinating the above. Required time will vary, however, around one hour per week may be needed at most for general communication. During major events, more time may be required.
  • Class and Year Level Representatives are not expected to be involved in day-to-day school/class logistics, individual student queries or to have the answers to every query raised by the parents in the class. Your VP Community can provide further guidance on this.

Class Representative WhatsApp Groups

  • For full details, WhatsApp Guidelines and a related policy for chat groups will be provided to the current school year Class and Year Level Representatives.
  • Representatives are responsible for the setup, maintenance and monitoring of a WhatsApp Group, for the duration of the relevant school year.
  • The WhatsApp group is to facilitate communication, only between parents of the class/year level for which you are a representative. Other parents who are NOT in the class/year level should not be added. 
  • Set-up and management of the WhatsApp Group must be within the provided guidelines as provided by the VP Community and these guidelines should be shared to your group at its establishment.
  • Management of the WhatsApp group includes ensuring that discussion is relevant to the purpose of the group and is conducted in line with the WhatsApp Guidelines for Class and Year Level Representatives and related policy for chat group.

What kind of support and resources are available to Class & Year Level Representatives?

The PA and School work as a team and there are plenty of resources and support options available for Class/Year Level Representatives.

  • The VP Community is responsible for guiding, coordinating and communicating with all representatives. Please contact VP Community, Ivy Fong at if you need assistance or have concerns or queries related to the PA or Class and Year Level Representatives.
  • Once parent representative roles are filled, a meeting will be held early in the school year to welcome and inform Representatives of their roles and to get to know each other.
  • A relevant PA Executive Committee member at
  • The PA General Committee may be able to assist Class/Year Level Representatives as required
  • Queries or concerns related to AISHK school operations, procedures, facilities, curriculum or administration should be directed to the relevant office (eg. Primary, Secondary or Administration Office).
  • If in doubt of who to contact, parents are referred to the AISHK School Directory which is the official guide for appropriate AISHK staff contacts.
  • Teachers are the contact person for person for in-class activities you may be assisting with
  • Often the collective wisdom of your homeroom/year level parents will be sufficient to overcome certain day-to-day queries.
  • Many parent queries may be answered by referring to items in:

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