Opportunity to express interest in future Board of Governors / Board Committee Advisor roles

The Australian International School Foundation seeks to maintain a Board of Governors (“the Board”) comprised of talented and dedicated governors with a diverse mix of experience, skills and backgrounds collectively reflecting the strategic needs of the Foundation and the Australian International School community in the Hong Kong environment.  

From time to time the Board also seeks support from non-Board members of the community with specific skills, experience, and backgrounds, to be appointed as Advisors to support the work of its various Committees.  

The Board has adopted a Board Diversity Policy to support this goal. 

As one tool to support the Board in having access to a diverse selection of dedicated and committed potential candidates for Board positions and Board Committee Advisor roles, expressions of interest are sought from interested and committed members of the Hong Kong community who may be interested in serving as an Advisor to a Board Committee or a Board Governor. The Board may in its absolute discretion also deploy other means to identify and recruit appropriate candidates with targeted skills and background prioritized by the Board.  

As a baseline requirement, the Board seeks passionate, dedicated members of the Hong Kong community aligned with the mission of the AISHK and willing to give their own time on a voluntary basis to support its ongoing strategic success.  

While expressions of interest from all candidates interested in supporting AISHK Board and Governance are welcome, at this time the Board is particularly focused on candidates with backgrounds / experience in:  

  • IT/Data technology
  • Charitable Fund raising
  • Branding / PR / Communications

This list of skills and backgrounds may be updated from time to time depending on the assessed needs as determined by the Board.

Applicants should complete the online form and will be contacted if they are considered suitable candidates to proceed to the next step of the Board Governor / Board Committee Advisor recruitment process.

In making an expression of interest by completing this online form, applicants acknowledge and agree:  

  • There may not be any board roles immediately being recruited, but information from suitable candidates will be held by the School/School Board and considered when roles arise.
  • That information will be received, reviewed, retained, and used solely for the purpose of creating a pool of and assessing from time-to-time candidates for Board and Board Committee Advisor roles; and that such information will be shared only with those persons involved in the Board / Board Committee Advisor selection process (unless disclosure is otherwise required by a lawful authority). If at any time, applicants wish to withdraw their expression of interest, they may write to Board Secretary at boardapplications@aishk.edu.hk and their application will be deleted from our records.
  • Board roles are entirely voluntary and attract no fees or compensation.
  • Decisions on all board and board committee advisor roles are made in the absolute discretion of the Nomination Committee and Board of Governors and are final.
Specify which types of Committees you feel you would best be equipped to support and why.
Remember to cover here any experience in the highlighted focused skills area
No more than 2 pages, should include other board roles and experience.

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