Current Family Information

This page contains key resources, useful information related to our school operations and procedures and important forms for your completion. For a thorough guide to AISHK regarding everything from admissions and uniforms to catering, please refer to the Parent Handbook. 

Please take the time to go through the items below carefully, making note of information that is particularly relevant to you and your child.

Calendar and Key Dates

Term Dates
2024 School Calendar

Term Dates

2024 Term Dates

Term 1: 24 January 2024 - 28 March 2024

Term 2: 16 April 2024 - 21 June 2024

Term 3: 23 July 2024 - 20 September 2024

Term 4:
8 October 2024 - 13 December 2024

2024 School Calendar

AISHK is pleased to share our new 'live' calendar. This calendar is fully functional and automatically updates with new events and changes. The calendar can be viewed in full, or filtered by Primary and Secondary items, along with a range of further categories, to suit your needs. It can be found on the school website’s Calendars and Key Dates page.

Handbooks and Guides

Parent Handbook
Class Location Guide
Parent Portal

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is a comprehensive, key parent resource which provides detail regarding school operations, procedures and guidelines. Please take time to read this handbook, which will answer many of your questions related to AISHK school life.

Class Location Guide

The Class Location Guide lists all classes, teachers and classroom locations on campus.

Parent Portal

The AISHK Parent Portal (also know as the Parent Lounge), is a key destination for accessing information specific to your family.

It includes the following:

  • Student timetable
  • Academic Reporting Downloads
  • Parent-Teacher Interview Booking

Forms and Action Items

Emergency Release/Dismissal Authority
Excursion Permission
Student Medical Record Updates
Student Leave Application

Emergency Release/Dismissal Authority

In the case of an emergency or severe weather warning, it is important that the school has a record of your consent regarding student dismissal procedures. Please read the following procedures and complete/update the related form as soon as possible.


    • Sign into the Parent Lounge with your parents credentials, as provided in your commencement email. If you have forgotten your details, please use this access Reminder to receive a reminder email containing your login credentials.
    • Go to Student Details / General Details
    • Go to the Emergency Dismissal and Excursions sections, and click on Update
    • Update your child/ren's permission status accordingly and click Save

Excursion Permission

The relevant division office will prompt parents at the commencement of each year to provide permission for your child to participate in all excursions.  

Excursions include activities outside of the AISHK school campus throughout their enrolment at AISHK. Examples include, walking or travelling to points of interest such shops and markets, parks and gardens, museums and sports sporting facilities or schools as part of the physical education or extra-curricular programs.

Communication of Excursions
Parents will be notified in advance via one of the following ways, as appropriate for their age group:

  • Viewable in the School Calendar 
  • Sent by formal notice to home
  • Notification in the home diary
  • Notification in our newsletter, Dhanara
  • AISHK App notification
  • Via email from the teacher in charge

Providing Permission
Please facilitate permission for your child to attend all excursions during the 2024 school year. The signing of further permission slips for each excursion or sporting activity will not be requested or required.


  • Sign into the Parent Lounge with your parents credentials, as provided in your commencement email. If you have forgotten your details, please use this access Reminder to receive a reminder email containing your login credentials.
  • Go to Student Details / General Details
  • Go to the Emergency Dismissal and Brief Local Excursions sections, and click on Update
  • Update your child/ren's permission status accordingly and click Save

Student Medical Record Updates

Maintaining accurate records is essential to providing quality care and protecting the health and safety of children while at school and away at off-site activities.

At the school, we allow parents to maintain the relevant records online through the Parent Lounge.

Student Leave Application

The Student Leave Application Form should be completed and submitted to the School to indicate any planned student leave.

Communication and Publications

School Newsletter - Dhanara
Annuals and Periodicals
School Email Communication

School Newsletter - Dhanara

The official AISHK news website, Dhanara includes messages from the School Executive and staff, event flyers and recaps, important reminders, year level newsletters, ECA notices, sports results and fixtures, career and alumni items and Parent Association news. A related Dhanara email digest highlighting the week’s news items is distributed to staff, students and parents each Friday afternoon during term time.


To ensure you receive timely alerts, important news and notifications, parents are strongly encouraged to download and install the AISHK App.

Annuals and Periodicals

The school regularly produces a number of other publications on an annual or term basis. They are:

  • Lion Rock
  • Pathways
  • Annual Review
  • The Yearbook

School Email Communication

For more timely communication, email is regularly used. You will be sent emails on an as needs basis, from individual class teachers, Heads of Year, your child's divisional office, or the central administration office.

Please ensure that you have the following email addresses saved in your address book!


School Life & Activities

Extra Curricular Activities & Sport
Mini & Junior Duke Award
Instrumental Music Programme
Laptop Programme
Onsite Catering


Special Arrangements for Year 3-12 
New Uniform Items

New Uniform Items | Currently In Stock

  • Primary uniform shorts and trousers in sizes 21, 23, 25 & 27
  • Secondary uniform shorts size 29, 31, 33 and 35

New Uniform Items | Updated Arrival Timeframe

  • The new, green, v-neck pullover will be delayed with arrival possibly in April/May 2024, due to correct fabric re-sourcing. The current woollen green jumper and cardigan may be worn in the meantime and we will update the community with the exact arrival date of the new jumper as soon as possible
  • All other new or additional uniform items will be in stock at the AISHK uniform shop on Thursday 25 January, 2024
  • Parents will be notified if any items arrive earlier than scheduled

AISHK Uniform Shop Opening Times

  • Usual term-time uniform shop hours are Monday and Thursday, 8:00am-3:30pm
  • During the week of school resumption in 2024, the uniform shop will be open on Thursday 25, Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of January
  • During the school holiday, the uniform shop will be open in January from 8:00am – 3:30am on the following dates

Monday 15
Tuesday 16
Monday 22
Tuesday 23
Wednesday 24

Transition of New Uniform Items | Casual Dress Days

  • During the week of school resumption in 2024, the 24th, 25th and 26th of January 2024, will be casual dress mufti days. Students should wear weather and school-appropriate clothing on these days.
  • As there are no new uniform items for Reception – Year 2 and all current items are in stock, these casual dress days are optional for students in these year levels.
  • Friday 26 January will be a Green and Gold themed casual dress day, in recognition of our school’s 29th Birthday
  • On Monday 29 January, all students are to be back in school uniform, as the final casual-wear day is Friday 26 January
  • Families may continue to use current uniform items until new items are purchased
  • The final transition to new uniform items by all students will be by the commencement of 2025 school year


  • Please note that the current blazer is still part of the expected AISHK uniform, for Year 3-12
  • While there is a re-design process taking place to create a single, unisex blazer for Years 3-12 in future, the implementation of this item will not be included in this particular rollout phase
  • More information will be provided about the blazer in due course

Second Hand Uniform

  • Second hand uniform items are still deliverable to the AISHK 9F administration office
  • During school holiday office hours, second hand uniform will be available to parents in Room 908A in the 9F administration area:
    From Wednesday 13 December to Friday 22 December 2023, and
    From Monday 8 January to Tuesday 23 Jan

Contact Point

For any queries, please email and we will direct you to the relevant contact person.

Summary of New Uniform Items
Please see the visual summary of new items below.

Our school is unique in Hong Kong, and the AISHK is uniform has been designed to reflect this. It is distinctive, vibrant and designed with a trans-seasonal approach to cater to Hong Kong’s varying weather throughout the year. A number of optional uniform items are also available should families wish to purchase them. We believe that embracing the AISHK brand though our uniform builds a sense of school pride and community. All students are required to wear the approved school uniform every day, as applicable to their division of the school.

On-Campus Uniform Shop (Kowloon Tong)

The Uniform Shop is located on the 1st floor of AISHK. Until further notice, families may visit the Uniform Shop for fittings or purchases by appointment only. 

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

    To make an appointment please contact Uniform Shop manager, Ms Shirley Cheng at

    Online Store

    Midas Uniforms provide SF express lockers, and Door to Door delivery service for “Industrial and Commercial Areas”. If customers have made any delivery order with residential address, please kindly provide the SF Express Service Point (Click here) or Smart Locker code (Click here) for self pick up to our Email: Delivery time is currently 3-4 working days once we receive your shipping details.

    Uniform Guidelines & Order Forms

    Second Hand Uniform Available

    A range of second-hand uniform items are available and coordinated by the AISHK Parent Association (AISHK PA). Please view the relevant information on the AISHK PA webpage.

    Extra Curricular Activities & Sport

    Our Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and Sport programme  with many students enjoying a wide range of activities on offer. 

    We use a daily preference system so students can participate in the ECAs they want to across the week. There is no limit to the number of ECA’s you can choose, but as it is a preference system, there is no guarantee that students will get all their choices.

    2024 Term 3 ECA Timeline

    Open Enrolment: Wednesday 19 June
    Close enrolment:
     Sunday 21 July
     Tuesday 23 July
    ECAs Begin:
     Monday 29 July
    T3 ECAs end:
     Thursday 19 September (8 weeks)

      SchoolsBuddy Signup System

      Parents new to AISHK will receive an email with account setup instructions. For those that need to reset their passwords, please see the following link - SchoolsBuddy Password Reset

      Swimming ECA For Years 4-12

      Please note that swimming is not included as an option as it will be by invitation only. All current squad members will be contacted by our Aquatics Manager, Mr Eric Yeung. If you are new to the school and/or would like to join the swim squads (Gold/Silver Squad) or the Swimming ECA (Bronze Squad), please contact Mr Yeung at and he will arrange a trial for you at the beginning of term.

      Please note that our squad swimming is a training group and we do not run a Learn to Swim Programme. If you need assistance, we can connect you with a Learn to Swim provider.

      Mini & Junior Duke Award

      As an extension of our school Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) Program, students from years 1 to 6 that register for Mini or Junior Duke Award, will be provided with a series of progressive life challenges including first aid, cookery, swimming, budgeting, fixing punctures, domestic duties and lots of other creative activities to expose them to the skills needed for the real world.

      The award allows children to participate in a variety of new experiences and teaches them that it is good to ‘have a go’ and challenges them to learn new and varied skills from an early age. This helps them to develop the resilience they will need throughout their lives whilst rewarding them for their hard work.

      The Mini & Junior Duke Award has been running in schools across the UK since 2007 and has helped thousands of children aged 6 to 12 to realise their abilities and, for some, to discover new talents and passions. It has now made it internationally and many schools here in HK are getting onboard. Could your child be next?

      This program will run from August through to December, 2023, however an extension through to March 2024 is also available.

      Enrolment this year will align with our Term 3 Sport & ECA enrolment, and can be completed through the SchoolsBuddy system.

      Enrolment opens: Monday 19 June, 2023 at 10.00am
      Enrolment closing: Sunday 23 July, 2023 at 11.59pm
      Course length: August to December 2023 (or to March 2024)
      Enrolment link:Mini & Junior Duke Award enrolment via SchoolsBuddy

      Following enrolment, we will be in touch regarding communications and when you can get hold of your Junior Duke Journal, which needs to be ordered once we know our participant numbers. We have keen staff members who will represent as the Duke Leaders to help guide our aspiring Mini and Junior Duke’s throughout the year.

      Instrumental Music Programme

      The Performing Arts department would like to introduce you to our Instrumental Programme and Introductory Instrumental Scheme. These programmes are available to students in Prep to Year 12, and offer a convenient and varied approach to learning musical instruments during normal school hours. Lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis with the teacher for the following range of classes:

      Piano, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Drums, Voice.

      Lessons will take place in our practice rooms on Level 2 of the AISHK campus on a rotational programme.

      Enrolment & Timeline

      Full details about the programme and the online enrolment form link can be found here:

      Laptop Programme

      The school requires every student from Years 4-9 to purchase a school appointed laptop package. This includes the designated laptop, a wide range of software needed for learning and a complete support structure. Students studying in Years 10-12 have the option of purchasing a school appointed laptop package or using a "BYOD" (bring your own device) laptop computer.

      Laptops will be delivered to students during the first week of school via the IT department. The cost of the laptop will be added to the parents account for the term of commencement.

      For full details, rules, and procedures regarding school laptops, please refer to the following documents:

      Onsite Catering

      Students may bring their own food to school or purchase options from a varied and healthy selection of meals and refreshments provided by a certified catering service. 

      For students in Reception (full day) to Year 6, hot meals should be pre-ordered with the meal order form and menu*.

      Secondary students from Year 7 to Year 12 are not required to pre-order their meals and may purchase directly from the cafeteria with cash or Octopus Card.

      School Catering | Menu & Form
      Please see the catering forms as follows:


      AISHK offers a bus service that is provided by Kwoon Chung Motors Co Ltd. Each bus is a 24-seater minibus with air-conditioning and a designated supervisor.

      Buses will pick up students at various times between 6:40am and 7:50am each applicable school day and are scheduled to arrive at the school between 7:55am - 8:00am. All buses for the return trip will depart from the school at 3:00pm sharp.

      Please note that Secondary students can only use the bus in the morning and should make their own way home after school in the afternoon. Please note as there is an AM and PM Reception class at AISHK, the AM class can only utilise the bus to school and the PM class can only utilise the bus from school. 

      For enquiries and details regarding bus schedules, pick-up and drop-off points, times and fees, please contact the bus company directly for assistance:

      Community and Connections

      Parent Association
      Alumni Association
      Founding and Affiliated Associations

      Parent Association

      The AISHK Parent Association is a thriving community of parents who are dedicated to connecting members of our community through communication channels, activities, events and fundraising initiatives.

      Any AISHK parent is automatically considered part of the AISHK Parent Association, and we encourage parents to take advantage of opportunities to support the school and make new friends and form networks.

      The Parent Association comprises annually-elected volunteers who make up the Parent Association Executive Committee.

      Read our Dhanara Newsletter for a recap of the wonderful work the AISHK PA has done for and with the School.

      Alumni Association

      The AISHK Alumni Association network has grown from 25 students on its first day, to over 3,500 members, both student and staff today.

      The Alumni Association brings together our former students, parents and staff who wish to stay connected with each other and the School, whether in Hong Kong, Australia or around the globe. Our community includes graduates who have embarked on diverse tertiary, career and personal pathways.

      Founding and Affiliated Associations

      Australian International School Hong Kong is a non-profit foundation, founded by associations and individuals who have given of their time, commitment and passion to build the AISHK dream into reality. AISHK is truly a community school, and a connector for Australian and international families living in Hong Kong. 

      Please find the following links to our founding associations and related organisations. 

      Type on the line above then press the Enter/Return key to submit a new search query