Support AISHK

Australian International School Hong Kong is a non-profit foundation, founded by associations and individuals who have given of their time, commitment and passion to build the AISHK dream into reality. 

Today, AISHK is a leading learning environment and close-knit community of Australian and international families. We are fortunate and grateful for the ongoing support of the AISHK community who entrust us with the education and wellbeing of their children. 

There are many ways parents and friends in our community can support AISHK:

  • through volunteering for the Parent Association or at school activities
  • by assisting with classes or classroom activities
  • by giving to fundraising campaigns
  • by sharing positive messages and experiences about AISHK to others

Donations are gratefully received and can be treated anonymously or can be recognised as gifts to various capital projects or student initiatives taking place at the school. All donations are tax deductible in Hong Kong.

For further information please contact:

Brigitte McNamara | Director of Development and Community Relations
Direct: +852 2194 3816

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