Food and Catering

Students may bring their own food to school or purchase options from a varied and healthy selection of meals and refreshments provided by a certified catering service. 

Onsite outlets at AISHK include:

The Cafeteria, available to students from Prep to Year 12 and serves three meal choices per day. Parents may pre-order and select meals for Primary students whilst Secondary students can select and purchase choices themselves on the day.

The Norfolk Road Café sells hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, baked goods, fruit and other snacks. Primary students may only purchase from this venue under adult supervision, after school.

The Billabong Tuck Shop sells a range of sandwiches, drinks and snack items, including some hot items. This venue is not open to Early Childhood students at recess time. Early Childhood students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack from home.

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