New Family Information

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the AISHK community. 

Our New Family Information page contains key resources, and useful information related to our school operations and procedures. Please take the time to review all the sections carefully, making note of information that is particularly relevant to you and your child.

First Day of Term School Procedures
Parent Handbook
Key Dates
2023 School Calendar
2024 School Calendar
Arrival and Dismissal Information
On-site Catering
Laptop Program
Instrumental Music Program
Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)

First Day of Term School Procedures

  • On the first day of each new term we welcome our all new students in the auditorium. There is a short registration and then students are taken to their classrooms.
  • Parents are welcome to accompany their child into the school on the first day as there is an opportunity to meet our Head of School, and the leadership teams from both Primary and Secondary.
  • Primary students will be accompanied to their classroom by our support staff and parents are welcome to help settle their child and meet the class teacher.
  • Secondary students will meet their Head of Year in the auditorium and will be accompanied to their homeroom by their class buddy or Head of Year.
  • All textbooks and note books are provided by the school as part of the tuition. These will be provided to students on their first day of school. In Primary, stationery, including pencils and pens are provided to the students. Students will be issued with a school diary in both Primary and Secondary.
  • In Primary, the school diary is used as a communication tool between the class teacher and the home. Class teachers will provide further information regarding Primary timetables via email.
  • In Secondary, the diary is for the student to support their learning and to manage their school timetable.
  • All students in Primary and Secondary will be allocated a locker where they can keep their belongings. Secondary students are encouraged to use a lock for their locker. 
  • All students should bring a water bottle to school which can be refilled at the numerous water fountains located in the school.
  • Students from Year 3 to Year 12 will be issued with a student card. Students will be responsible for the safe keeping of their student card.
  • Students from Year 4 to Year 9 are required to use a school laptop. The school laptop will be issued to them on their first day.  For more information on the laptop program, please refer to the “Laptop program” section.
  • Orientation for new students. Each new student will be allocated a ‘buddy’ from their classroom or homeroom and this buddy will give your child a tour, sit and/or play with them at lunch and be able to answer any questions they may have. Students will meet their ‘buddy’ in their classroom/homeroom on the first day of school.
  • For those students who begin with the school after the beginning of a school term they will be greeted by the admissions team and then accompanied to their classroom or home room. All other processes will then take place with the support of the Primary or Secondary school section.

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is a comprehensive, key parent resource which provides detail regarding school operations, procedures and guidelines. Please take time to read this handbook, which will answer many of your questions related to AISHK school life.

Key Dates

2023 Term Dates

Term 1: Wednesday 1 February to Friday 31 March

Term 2: Tuesday 18 April to Wednesday 21 June

Term 3: Tuesday 25 July to Friday 22 September

Term 4: Tuesday 10 October to Friday 15 December

2023 School Calendar

2024 School Calendar

Arrival and Dismissal Information

Primary Division

AISHK offers two sessions of Reception classes with school hours as follows:

Reception AM

8:00am - 11:00am, Monday to Friday.

Reception AM students may proceed to the classroom at 7:50am.

Reception PM

11:45am - 2:45pm, Monday to Friday

PM students may proceed to the classroom at 11:35am.

Reception students are NOT to be collected from their classroom.

Preparatory - Year 2 Students: 8:20am - 2:45pm, Monday to Friday

Year 3- Year 6: 8:20am - 2:50pm, Monday to Friday

Classrooms open at 7:55am.

Secondary Division

Secondary classes start at 8:15am and have various dismissal times as follows:

Mondays - 2:35pm

Tuesday to Thursday - 3:30pm

Friday (after Secondary Activities) - 3:00pm


Late Arrivals

Primary: Students must report to the 3/F Primary Office to collect a Late Pass

Secondary: Students must report to the 8/F Secondary Office to collect a Late Pass

Arrival Information  

  • All students enter the building via the Norfolk Rd front entrance stairway.
  • All students are to be on campus by 8:15am, each day.

Dismissal Information

  • When changing any pick-up arrangements for your child (Prep - Year 12) on any given day, please ensure that their relevant Class Teacher or their respective School Office is advised before 12:00 noon.
  • Primary students travelling home by bus will go directly to the bus bay (G/F), have their names marked off by the appropriate bus escort, and then board their bus.
  • If you are collecting your child, classroom teachers will escort students to the Field Departure Area. The EVA Field gates will be opened at 2:50pm. Supervision of your child after school classroom hours is a parental responsibility.
  • If your child has an Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) or activity after school and is in Prep, Year 1 or Year 2, please ensure they are properly supervised, either by yourself or your helper, until their activity commences. Use either the Cafeteria or Sports Terrace. Students are to remain directly with parents or helpers at all times during the supervision.
  • If your child has an ECA or activity after school and is in Year 3 - 12, and you are unable to supervise them, they must wait in the Library, quietly doing homework or reading a book until their activity starts.


Our school is unique in Hong Kong, and the AISHK is uniform has been designed to reflect this. It is distinctive, vibrant and designed with a trans-seasonal approach to cater to Hong Kong’s varying weather throughout the year. A number of optional uniform items are also available should families wish to purchase them. We believe that embracing the AISHK brand though our uniform builds a sense of school pride and community. All students are required to wear the approved school uniform every day, as applicable to their division of the school.

On-Campus Uniform Shop (Kowloon Tong)

The Uniform Shop is located on the 1st floor of AISHK. Until further notice, families may visit the Uniform Shop for fittings or purchases by appointment only. 

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

    To make an appointment please contact Uniform Shop manager, Ms Shirley Cheng at

    Online Store

    Midas Uniforms provide SF express lockers, and Door to Door delivery service for “Industrial and Commercial Areas”. If customers have made any delivery order with residential address, please kindly provide the SF Express Service Point (Click here) or Smart Locker code (Click here) for self pick up to our Email: Delivery time is currently 3-4 working days once we receive your shipping details.

    Uniform Guidelines & Order Forms

    Second Hand Uniform Available

    Many AISHK families have donated second hand uniform items to AISHK, from past students. Periodically AISHK provides a second hand uniform exchange at the school's 9/F Administration Office, (please contact our Admissions team for further details).

    A selection of Early Childhood, Primary and secondary items will be available.

    Uniform items are free of charge and available on a first come, first served basis, while stocks last.


    AISHK offers a bus service that is provided by Kwoon Chung Motors Co Ltd. Each bus is a 24-seater minibus with air-conditioning and a designated supervisor.

    Buses will pick up students at various times between 6:40am and 7:50am each applicable school day and are scheduled to arrive at the school between 7:55am - 8:00am. All buses for the return trip will depart from the school at 3:00pm sharp.

    Please note that Secondary students can only use the bus in the morning and should make their own way home after school in the afternoon. Please note as there is an AM and PM Reception class at AISHK, the AM class can only utilise the bus to school and the PM class can only utilise the bus from school. 

    For enquiries and details regarding bus schedules, pick-up and drop-off points, times and fees, please contact the bus company directly for assistance:

    On-site Catering

    Students may bring their own food to school or purchase options from a varied and healthy selection of meals and refreshments provided by a certified catering service. For students in Prep to Year 6, hot meals should be pre-ordered with the meal order form and menu*. Secondary students from Year 7 to Year 12 are not required to pre-order their meals and may purchase directly from the cafeteria with cash or Octopus Card.

    * Updated for Term 4 2023

    Please note the catering service will be closed over the holiday period. Catering orders for Term 3 2023 will be processed before school commences on 25 July 2023.

    Laptop Program

    The school requires every student from Years 4-9 to purchase a school appointed laptop package. This includes the designated laptop, a wide range of software needed for learning and a complete support structure. For full details, rules and procedures regarding school laptops, please refer to the following documents:

    Instrumental Music Program

    The Performing Arts department would like to introduce you to our Instrumental Programme and Introductory Instrumental Scheme. These programmes are available to students in Prep to Year 12, and offer a convenient and varied approach to learning musical instruments during normal school hours. Lessons are provided on a one-to-one basis with the teacher for the following range of classes:

    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Cello
    • Double Bass
    • Flute
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • Guitar
    • Drums
    • Voice

    Lessons will take place in our practice rooms on Level 2 of the AISHK campus on a rotational programme. The rooms are well ventilated with opening windows and natural light.

    Enrolment & Timeline

    Full details about the programme and the online enrolment form link can be found here:

    Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)

    Our ECA and Sport program has been incredibly successful with many of our student body being able to enjoy the wide range of activities and sport on offer. We look forward to offering our 2023 programs to you which will once again give a wide variety of options for our students.

    We use a daily preference system which has allowed a higher participation rate than in previous years, and it helps to ensure that all students get a better opportunity to participate in ECA’s with a more equitable spread. There will be no limit on the number of ECA’s you choose, but as it is a preference system, there is no guarantee that students will get their choices. However, we hope that all students will get at least one of their choices.

    2023 Term 3 ECA Timeline

    New parents to the school will receive an account set-up email for ECA registration system, Schoolsbuddy, no later than Friday 14 July. You will also receive an email from the school outlining the available ECAs and instructions for registering.

    • Enrolment opens: Monday 19th June, 10am
    • Enrolment closes: Sunday 23rd July, 11.59pm
    • ECAs Begin: Monday 31st July
    • ECAs Finish: Thursday 21st September

    For further details, please refer to the following:

    Swimming ECA For Years 4-12

    Please note that swimming is not included as an option as it will be by invitation only. All current squad members will be contacted by our Aquatics Manager, Mr Eric Yeung. If you are new to the school and/or would like to join the swim squads (Gold/Silver Squad) or the Swimming ECA (Bronze Squad), please contact Mr Yeung at and he will arrange a trial for you at the beginning of term. Please note that our squad swimming is training and we do not run a Learn to Swim Program. If you need assistance, we can connect you with a Learn to Swim provider.

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