A Message from the Secondary Division

Please note that any events or activities referenced in these videos may be subject to change. Confirmation of any changes will be communicated by the school to parents. 

Welcome to the Secondary Division of the Australian International School Hong Kong.

It is our aim to provide a world class educational pathway for all our students. In order to achieve this aim we have designed a curriculum model which offers diversity in terms of which program is undertaken and at the same time the opportunity to specialise in terms of the course electives taken. Our teaching methodology assists students to achieve their personal best by identifying each individual students preferred learning style or learning strategies and then matching those with classroom learning experiences.

Supporting our formal curriculum is an extensive pastoral care and extra curricula program which further enriches the learning experiences on offer at the school. Taken together our educational program ensures our students are able to develop into capable, informed problem solvers able to graduate as articulate confident, young men and women.

The broader education dimension of the school is further enhanced by providing students with ongoing opportunities to serve their wider community, both here in Hong Kong and internationally. Community Service in particular is seen as a central component of both a meaningful and high quality educational experience.

The Secondary Division of the School consists of two areas:

  • Middle - Year 7 to Year 10
  • Senior - Year 11 and Year 12

The curriculum in Middle Secondary builds on the skills and knowledge introduced in previous years. Students are encouraged to be personally responsible for their studies, with the aim of achieving self-discipline and social communication skills. The program continues to use an integrated design, which builds the foundation for the external examinations undertaken in Year 12.

In Years 11 and 12, Senior Secondary, students may chose to study courses offered in either the Higher School Certificate or the IB Diploma. The curriculum provided through both these tertiary entrance qualifications is structured, purposeful and focuses on clear learning objectives and outcomes. The Higher School Certificate and the IB are both internationally recognised and provide world class preparation for students wishing to access tertiary studies in any country throughout the world. In addition both programs offer a variety of life skills necessary to successfully encounter adult life.

Subjects available for student selection in each program may vary from year to year but both follow course requirements as outlined in either the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Handbook or the IB Diploma Course Matrix.

For more than a decade AISHK has proudly offered its students a pathway to the finest tertiary institutions. AISHK graduates move on to study at world class Universities and tertiary institutions across the globe.

Read more in our latest Pathways brochure. 

Howard West

Head of Secondary

Peter Phillips

Dean of Studies, Secondary