Child Protection Policy

At AISHK we are committed to the safeguarding of our students by promoting a safe environment for our students, staff and families.
Child safeguarding is the responsibility of all members of our community.
View a copy of the AISHK Child Protection Policy

Community and parent awareness and understanding of safeguarding is also important in creating a child safe school environment.

Why have a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy?


  • Protect all students.
  • Ensure that AISHK has a system in place to protect students and intervene in child protection situations.
  • Provide AISHK staff and parents with basic knowledge regarding child abuse.
  • Provide guidance and procedures to adopt in the event that a child may be at risk of harm.
  • Ensure that the AISHK community works together to keep all students safe.

What are our obligations?


  • Provide our community with a well devised Child Protection Policy.
  • Establish procedures for reporting and investigating allegations of abuse.
  • Make child protection policies and procedures well known to the entire school community.
  • Provide ongoing professional learning to support all staff in understanding and implementing the Child Protection Policy, guidelines and procedures, and provide training and information.
  • Develop processes for screening new and existing employees, contracted staff, outside contractors, and volunteers who have direct, unsupervised access to AISHK students.
  • Create and implement safe recruitment practices for the employment of all teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Create a culture where “whistleblowing” and reporting of child protection matters are safe, expected and understood.

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