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As stated in the Parent Handbook, AISHK may use a student’s image or their name in AISHK publications, photography, website or social media platforms. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the full name and picture of students are not placed together online or in printed publications, with the exception of the AISHK Yearbook, The Lion Rock and other printed publications for the AISHK community audience.

AISHK holds a wide range of events and activities for both students and parents. We understand that families will wish to take photographs of their child/children to capture these special moments. Please be aware that other parents may take photographs which could include your child during classroom parties, field trips, athletic events, or other school-related activities.

AISHK cannot control the extent to which other parents may publicise such photographs on their personal social media or in other forums, and assumes no liability for any such publication.

Whilst AISHK acknowledges this, we also wish to assist in ensuring respect for the individual privacy of each family.

As a school which values cyber-safety and promotes and teaches digital literacy to students, we do also wish to remind and encourage parents who have taken photographs which include children other than their own at school-related activities, to exercise courtesy, respect and caution when considering publishing these beyond personal and family use. It is important to be mindful and avoid publishing such images on social media and other platforms, particularly if the preferences of the other child/children’s parents are not known to you.

We look forward to sharing the wonderful events we have planned, wherever possible, safe and permissible to do so, with you throughout the year.

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